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Role models in research

Published on May 30, 2023 Updated on February 22, 2024

CALIPER is a Project that supports 9 Research Organisations across Europe to develop Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and engage the local Innovation Hubs to transfer the gained knowledge beyond academia.

The goal is to make research organisations more gender equal by increasing the number of female researchers in STEM, improving their careers prospects and integrating a gender dimension in research. The project produces promotional videos to raise awareness and generate debate about gender inequality issues in STEM fields. The interviewees are role models, whose remarkable personalities, achievements, and positive stories can encourage other women, especially young girls, to become engaged with research and innovation.

We are proud that BATir members Alessia Cuccurullo and Maïté Lacante took part in the film and are perfect examples and role models for our educational tracks and research activities.

on the May 30, 2023